Mixed media artist, beachcomber & collector of interesting things.

Ella's work celebrates found materials, vibrant colour, graphic line and unexpected textile media.

Working with both found and purchased media Ella creates one-off, hand crafted artworks inspired by the bright colours of the urban environment and the charm of the British coast.

She loves to collect, and work with, unwanted or discarded items including drift and found wood, beach plastics, ceramics and corks, urban metals and discarded lighters.

Her driftwood artworks utilise the texture and character of driftwood, contrasting its weathered, uneven and dull surface against the feminine softness and sheen of textile thread and plastic tubing.

As well as working with driftwood Ella also collects, orders and frames found materials. These Collections are simply curated, often according to their colour or size.

Ella lives and works in rural Hertfordshire, a stone’s throw from the Grand Union Canal. In the countryside she is further inspired by nature and natural materials.



All images © Ella Robinson 2019