Simple Shapes

Simple Shapes...

... This style of working was originally created by Ella whilst studying for the final year of her BA at Loughborough University. It has most recently been used within a four panel commission for the Market Café of the P&O Britannia cruise ship (late 2014). These mixed media and wholly fabric designs are influenced mainly by architecture and everyday ‘simple shapes’. Ella considers ‘simple shapes’ to be those that we experience during each and every day, but that do not often register as particularly attractive or of any importance. For example, the lock on a door or the triangular outlines of road signs.

Her final BA collection featured designs containing hundreds of individual pieces (most have between 600 and 1,000 hand-cut sections). These are heavily layered within each design, creating striped compositions that behave in many different ways.

Ella's approach to colour is mainly instinctive. She enjoys producing colour combinations that spark off each other.

Britannia Cruise Ship Artworks

BA and TEXPRINT Collections

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